"...an incredibly powerful, moving array of emotionally-fueled music." - Atwood Magazine

"...a musical metamorphosis that presents a brand new band with a wholly unique sound. Poison is not just a departure from folk; it’s a departure from traditional songwriting and popular stylings altogether, an insular sonic world unto itself that dwells in musical experimentation and emotional indulgence." - Atwood Magazine

"...a pained synth-driven electro-folk ballad built on ambient, emotion-infused sound." - Atwood Magazine



"New York City outfit Brooks Thomas will release their latest album, Poison, on September 21. The new single from that disc, "Good Sleep", suggests that the quintet is in full fighting shape for the endeavor. The track rests on soulful, Caribbean-style rhythms and layered harmonies that enhance the tune's somnolent-minded lyrics."

-Jedd Beaudoin, PopMatters

"The Bronx five-piece fuse a retro soul with R&B and electro-pop, to produce something that is both contemporary as much as nostalgic, with swooning vocals, staccato guitars, and a winding rhythm." - Little Indie Blogs